The Mirrorles Revolution #1

I would like to talk about how to travel light but ready to document with photos (and video) your own trip.
Now with low cost flights is increasingly difficult to carry with you the reflex and the relative lenses, and if we add a specific issue, such as traveling with children, the problem becomes even greater.
and so, what to do?
After various and careful market analysis and discussions on the thematic forums, I have come to the conclusion that my goal is the mirrorless system. Personally, I opted for the Micro Four Thirds, I bought an Olympus Epl5 and, looking in the used market, I have joined some prime lenses,  such as Lumix 14/2,5, lumix 20/1,7 and zuiko 45/1,8, and then I bought some used zooms: the zuiko 12-50, 40-150 and 9-18. the whole kit bag can weigh about 1.5 kg which is impossible with any other system, and provides respectable performance, without weighing the long walks that characterize my travels.

Wanting to exaggerate, as my usual, you can search for some second hand bodies to work alongside the new one, to be able to mount two lenses and not having to change it every time you need a tele or a wide … I have found an excellent and economical panasonic GH1 and an Olympus EPL1 for little money.
I assure you that a system like that could open up new possibilities, the camera will never leave you, just a small bag and a decent pancake and you’re done, I usually put my Epl5 in my jacket pockets… try to believe.
to be continued…
© Renato Greco 2013 - All rights reserved

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